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You want to give your son or daughter the best birthday party you can give them during this crazy pandemic. 


So when you are looking for an entertainer, be sure to look for someone who understands exactly how special you want this virtual party to be for your child.


Someone reliable who is guaranteed to make it fun for the whole family while making your birthday child the star.


Zoom parties are more than just watching TV.  Your entertainer needs to be interactive and able to work with your specific audience.


They need to be able to adjust their show to the audience. 11-year-old boys want something different than 7-year-old girls.

Their virtual studio needs to be high quality and free of tech glitches.  That’s part of being proven and reliable.

They need to be able to quickly teach your audience how to be a zoom audience in a fun and entertaining way.

And their show needs to be created specifically for the Zoom environment which is very different from performing in-person.


I understand all of this.  Over the last 30 years, I have performed thousands of shows all over the world for all age groups.  I lost count of how many schools, libraries, and birthday parties I have performed for - all to rave reviews.


I have invested thousands of dollars in my virtual studio, and my shows are proven to work very well over the Zoom environment.


I bring my best effort to every show I perform because, even though it is just another day at the office for me, I know that it is a very special day for your very special son or daughter.  I take that responsibility very seriously while I’m having fun entertaining your child, their family, and their friends.

I am here to help you in any way that I can.  You can ask your questions via my chat function (during office hours), or you can request a free 15 minute consultation below.  Then we can arrange to meet over Zoom so you can see my virtual studio in action and we can talk about making your virtual party the best it can be for your son or daughter!

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While your birthday boy or girl is the star, Keith's show will entertain the kids, the parents, and the grandparents alike!


  • 9 Minute Pre-Show Countdown Video So You Can Greet Your Guests

  • 30-45 Minute Show

  • 15-20 Minute After Show Hosting for Virtual Cake Cutting and Singing


Show Content:

  • Family-Friendly Comedy

  • One of the Top Ventriloquists in the Country

  • Amazing Magic

  • Guaranteed Belly Aches from Laughter

  • Lots of Interaction

  • Custom Tailored to Your Child's Age Group and Audience

  • Sock Puppet Party Ending (Optional)

Other Benefits:

  • Your Birthday Boy or Girl is the Star

  • Fun and Funny for All Ages​

  • Can Involve the Adults or Just Focus on the Kids

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Get your questions answered with a 15 minute, no-obligation consultation on Zoom with Keith from his state-of-the-art virtual studio!  

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Karla Aguilar


Debbie Weaver

We loved Keith and Company. The virtual zoom ventriloquist show was really entertaining.


Erin Carter

Keith is an amazing performer.  Kept us laughing through a pandemic!  Now *that's* entertainment!!  Appropriate for all ages and a great show with real heart.

Karla Aguilar.jgp.jpg

Steve Taubman

Keith is AMAZING! Such mastery of his craft, great sense of humor, and professionalism. Thanks!!!

Karla Aguilar

Loved the show Keith!

Still so in shock about the card trick!

Get your questions answered with a 15 minute, no-obligation consultation on Zoom with Keith from his state-of-the-art virtual studio!  


Thanks to his performing father, Keith grew up in front of audiences singing and doing comedy routines since the age of 7.  


Through middle school and high school, Keith performed as part of his dad’s comedy jug and bottle band which toured churches and senior homes.  Keith began to shine as the star comedian and writer for the group while learning a lot about performance in general. 


In college, Keith put together a kids’ show with magic, juggling, balloon animals and lots of laughs.  He earned most of his spending money through college performing as a semi-pro.  He then saw a ventriloquist perform at a magic convention and was hooked on the art form.  


After graduating as an aerospace engineer, Keith was averaging 3 to 4 shows per week for family events and local corporate banquets on top of working a full-time day job.  


Just 2 years after college, Keith said goodbye to engineering to perform full-time.  


Since then, Keith has performed for thousands of audiences across the nation and around the world.  His vast and varied show experience allows him to command any stage and captivate any audience that wants a good clean show.  


Key Credits:


  • Headlined three International Ventriloquist Conventions.  

  • Guest entertainer for multiple cruise contracts.

  • Shared the stage with President George W. Bush at COPS 2002

  • Shared the stage with many speaking-world celebrities including Mark Victor Hansen, Judge Hatchett, Patch Adams, Brian Tracy, etc.  

  • Roughly 30 years full-time professional performing experience. 

  • Author of several unfinished books.  :-D


Even though Keith has performed for major corporate events, cruise lines, and other "big time" shows, he still loves making children (and their parents) laugh out loud and drop their jaws in amazement.

Your child's birthday is in good hands.


About Keith


Currently, all birthday party shows are available virtually over Zoom, so you can invite friends and family from all over the world to join the festivities!